Caving (potholing) clubs associated in PZA regularly organize basic caving trainings. Usually the teaching takes place during weekend trips and cave camps, the complete course taking approx. 1 year. According to the standarized PZA programme, the course has to include among other things:

PZA issues an official document („karta taternika jaskiniowego”) that confirms the holder has completed a standarized PZA course. Specimens will be published on this site soon.

Please also take notice of the list of certified PZA cave instructors. To qualify for becoming a PZA cave instructor, a person must prove extensive caving experience (incl. at least 50 vertical cave trips) and undergo additional training focused on rescue and ensuring safety of inexperienced trainees.

Out of safety reasons, we encourage our foreign partners that issue caving permits to ask their applicants coming from Poland for scans of their „karta taternika jaskiniowego” or to verify that their name is on the official list of certified PZA caving instructors. This naturally concerns technically difficult caves.

The holder of „karta taternika jaskiniowego” can be reasonably trusted to be able to plan their trip, identify dangers and stay safe in practically any cave. Additionally, if a person is mentioned on the cave instructor list, they can be reasonably trusted to be able to take care of a few totally inexperienced persons.

We recommend that in case of technically demanding caves, all the trip participants should be required to present their „karta taternika jaskiniowego”. In case of easy caves (eg. no danger of flooding, no danger of losing way and less than 30   50 m of SRT involved) at least the group leader should be required to present their „karta taternika jaskiniowego”.

Please note that the documents only confirm technical abilities essential to staying safe in caves. Themselves, they do not certify possession of insurance of any kind.

If in doubt, please do not hesitate to contact the Polish Caving Committee (e-mail: caves

Mateusz Golicz

Polish Mountaineering Association
Caving Committee, International Affairs